ColorTeq System

ColorGen’s ColorTeq System is installed on site bringing its benefits right along side the press. The system comprises of three main concentrated facets of production – Colour Match, Quality Control and Stock Inventry.


System Integration

Our ColorTeq System is an easy installation with a once off cost. Minimum space required and includes an operating computer and mobile tech devices. Training and continual on the ground support is standard. Ready to save on down time and reduce waste and learn how to re-use it?


ColorMatch software enables us to match any colour on any standard label stock substrate within seconds identifying the specific colour composition, removing the guess work out of formulating resulting in an accurate colour mix.


Quality Control software allows for reduced waste on both ink and substrate and the ability to measure the return product and re-use on the next production run.



Stock Inventory software enables us to monitor stock levels, quantities and manage return stock for future production runs. 

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